Daily Archives: 23rd Jan 2015

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I was using the Amreim Twitter web part quite happily when suddenly they stopped work in the middle of January 2015. On checking the Amreim site I found I was not the only one. After a few days the recommendation was to change the supported doc type in the SharePoint masterpage from IE-8 to a higher version (I chose IE-edge). This was necessary because Twitter removed support for older IE versions in an update. The good news was that my Twitter feeds started showing up on my intranet page again. The bad news was that many simple operations – adding users to groups etc resulted in a correlation error (). On checking the logs it referred to not knowing about the xsd element. On Googling that I found that it was related to SharePoint not handling the move to IE-edge properly. My current work around is to do the admin tasks using FireFox, Chrome or Safari while I determine the best setting for the Twitter feeds to work and the error to disappear. I’ll update at some point.