Monthly Archives: Feb 2015

Why I’d like to be mentored by Paul Randall

My knowledge of SQL Server and my approach to learning about it is rather like this WordPress site…started but very much a “work in progress”!

Having started as an Oracleite and now a SQL Serverite, I’ve had to dump chunks of memory and try and fill the holes with new knowledge and learn some painful lessons along the way. But where and how to start a logical and methodical approach to learning? Years ago it was possible to know a lot about the product as its boundaries were well defined. But now, there are so many strands to the product that it is impossible to be master of all.

I like to learn but my approach is a bit scatter gun…what to focus on and what order to learn things in? I’m hoping that Paul can help bring order to the chaos. I have some ideas but they maybe a bit off-piste.

I’m a great fan of audio books – either downloaded from my county library or bought online. I’ve worked my way through a number of long series (Aubrey/Maturin, Hornblower, Lord of the Rings, Sharpe etc) in my hourly commute to work. Many of the books have been recommendations in Paul’s blog. Not too sure I’d like to spend the hour listening to a broadcast about SQL Server though….